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Friday, 13 November 2009

Argggggggh it's frustrating. SKs selling quite well considering hardly anybody knows about it yet. However the high P&P costs that go with POD publishing means that unless I buy in truck loads at a hit, I only break even or actually make a loss when supplying local shops. They want to sell my book in direct competition with those from the big name publishers....but they can get seventy per cent or more discounted from their wholesalers...It leaves me for dead. They can sell a four hundred page paperback for £10.99.....I can't even buy an individual copy of Shadowknight for that with P&P, and I wrote it! This - and the massive promo machinery behind the mainstream novel - is why it's so hard for a self published author to 'break through'. We have to do everything, from mailing out books and designing stationery and cold calling potential retailers of our masterpieces.
Still, what we do have as self published authors is complete creative control...so warts and all, Shadowknight’s all my own....I designed the cover, designed and laid out the contents, wrote the blurb, designed and coded the website....oh yeah, and I wrote the damn book too, but that seems such a little part of the bigger picture now!

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