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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Dead Poets in the soup of life ...

I can’t believe quite how long it’s been since my last post ... jeez, half a year or more has passed. My priorities have gone through the blender of life, coming out the other end as a soupy new agenda with chewy bits! Redundancy and a massive disappointment over a failed house move have all conspired to change my focus. Some work has been relegated to the back burner, while other bits have come screaming to the fore - screaming possibly giving the clue here. In response to teaching a creative writing class I started to turn out works of flash fiction in the horror genre (I really dislike the term horror by the way).
The creative writing class lasted a few sessions only ... my employers were chiselling, nit-picking, exploitative basteroids (EFC you know who you are) – while my students were a mix of ‘professional class goers’ (you know the type: did woodwork last year, flower arranging the year before) and the terminally illiterate. Let’s face it writers get better by writing, most classes are a waste of time. I wanted to do ‘Dead Poets Society’ and got ‘Sesame Street’ ... oh well.
What I did get, was bitten by the short story bug, and I am cranking them out at a rate of two or three a week at the moment. Some are dreadful and some are worse ... still others seem to be hitting the spot with readers so I am carrying on ... screaming (Carry on Screaming ... get it ...oh please yourselves).

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