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Friday, 26 November 2010

Get yer whatsits out!

Just sent two more short story submissions out ... including for my experimental short story ‘Face Scream.’ I decided to push the boundaries of good taste, horror, humour and erotic content to the maximum with that one. My theory is that if you are laughing and aroused at the same time, being offended is more difficult! Sort of a stalking horse so that I can sneak up on the reader and make quite a serious series of points – while catching them reading something a bit wickedly shameful.

I have read various so called erotic horror pieces recently – in the line of research obviously – and was truly dismayed by the poor quality of the writing ... no excuses accepted ... even porn should be well written. The stories were almost all badly paced, containing dreadful, bodice-ripping, euphemism laden language. All in all as literary as a toilet brush and about as likely to ‘turn you on’ as Ann Widdecombe on ‘Strictly.’

If Face Scream makes it into webzine or print ... it will shock. But I guarantee it will entertain ... without a euphemism in sight.

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