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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Let's get dirty!

What is the role of sex in horror? Well in my own twisted little mind it underpins ... along with death ... most classic tales of the macabre. Sex is the greatest driving force in our tiny, insignificant lives: the source of perhaps the greatest pleasure and the bleakest pain and disappointment.

It is as an adventurer into the darker realms of the sexual psyche that I wrote my tale Face Scream. At what point does a voyeur become a participant? How far are we prepared to justify pleasuring ourselves if we know in our hearts we are succumbing to evil? What will you do to fit in with your peers? Oh yes, laughter is part of sex too (well it is when I do it) so my erotic horror is shot through with humour...

Anyway, Horrotica Magazine has bravely taken on Face Scream and will be publishing it online in their February issue. It will also be available in their new paper issue later in the year. I hope you will help support these brave online publishers like Horrotica and Necrotic Tissue, who give chances to writers like me. They gamble with tiny budgets and virtually no margins, to create proper paper magazines that carry on the traditions of pulp horror. Long may they continue and prosper.

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