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Sunday, 10 April 2011

The bloody National

Yet again two beautiful, intelligent animals died in the national disgrace of the ‘Grand National.’ This gratuitously dangerous and extreme ... so called ... race barely ever goes a year without previously healthy animals dying in agony behind the ‘green screens’ that protect the delicate sensibilities of the punters. I’m not against horse racing ... I jump horses myself and accept the risk to them and me in what I do ... it’s simply that the National’s fences are so extreme and the pack so huge and crammed together that it has become more akin to a blood sport.

If you bet on this race you participated in the pointless death of Ornais and Dooneys Gate (broken neck and broken back respectively) ... this author hopes you are proud of yourselves and never have to hear a screaming horse in person.

1 comment:

  1. Shame you feel like that. Horses get killed and injured in ALL horse sports, as you must know; regrettable, but you'll never eliminate accidents without banning every one.
    In the last few years two people I knew were killed - one in a local hunter trial and one on a sponsored ride, of all things. There but for the grace of God...but it never stopped me competing.
    There are more horses killed in a short point-to-point season than a full one of National Hunt racing, but lose one sport and pretty soon they'll all be gone.